17 March 2017

Epson rolls out new 3LCD interactive projector family

Source: Epson website; The EB-696Ui.
Source: Epson website; The EB-696Ui.
Epson has launched a new series of 3LCD interactive projectors, the EB-600 series*, featuring beyond full HD ultra short throw projection, PC-less interactivity and for the first time, seamless interactivity across dual screens among other innovative features.

Ideal for education and corporate environments, the new EB-600 series projectors - the EB-696Ui, EB-695Wi2, EB-685Wi, EB-685W3 and EB-680 projectors - deliver a dynamic viewing experience.

The series features WUXGA resolution of 1,920 x 1,200, which is beyond full HD, and with an increased brightness of 3,800 lumens. With a throw ratio of 0.27, the ultra short throw projector series needs a gap of just 47cm to project an 80" screen, reducing shadow interference for uninterrupted presentations.

With the new series, users can save on total cost of ownership with 10,000 hours of lamp hours in ECO mode, while still enjoying a bright projection of 2,900 lumens using this energy-saving feature. Other ecofriendly features include auto-brightness adjustment, where a luminance sensor detects and automatically adjusts the projector’s brightness levels for lower energy consumption.

For the first time, Epson interactive projectors enable seamless interactivity across dual screens to create an ultra-wide interactive screen for the classroom or boardroom. The EB-600 series bring finger-touch interactivity to a panoramic screen, enabling users to write or move objects seamlessly across the screens to deliver an engaging, larger-than-life interactive presentation.

With Epson’s Easy Interactive Tools 4.20 software, the projector supports up to six fingers and dual interactive pens simultaneously, enabling multiple users to write on the board at the same time for increased collaboration and participation. Users are able to select, swipe, pinch in/out and rotate images with fingers, even with wireless projection. Additionally, multi-PC projection enables up to 50 laptops and mobile devices to connect to a single projector with a host PC as moderator for sharing of content.

Another innovation with the EB-600 series is its PC-less interactive functionality, enabling users to write and draw on any image projected from a non-PC source such as smart devices, document cameras, Blu-ray players and others. Photo slideshows can also be loaded from a USB memory key and controlled in PC-free mode.

The EB-600 series comes with improved connectivity, featuring three HDMI ports with one of them MHL-enabled for mirroring of Android mobile devices. With an optional USB wireless LAN adaptor for Wi-Fi connectivity, users can share and project images, texts and files from smart devices and laptops directly using Epson’s iProjection app. For ease and convenience, remote control support is also built into the iProjection app.

“Epson’s revolutionary interactive projector technology continues to make inroads in the education sector and corporate boardrooms for delivery of engaging and compelling presentations. We will continue to develop new interactive features to enhance the learning experience to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated users,” said Tan May Lin, Epson Singapore’s GM (Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Division).


Retail prices for the EB-600 series range from S$2,599 to S$4,450. Contact Epson Singapore for more details on product availability.

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*Only the EB-696Ui has beyond Full HD (WUXGA) resolution.

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