9 March 2017

Goodwood Park Hotel announces Durian Fiesta 2017

Source: Goodwood Park Hotel. The D24 salted caramel cuppa is a new offering for this year's Durian Fiesta.
Source: Goodwood Park Hotel. The D24 salted caramel cuppa is a new offering for this year's Durian Fiesta.

Goodwood Park Hotel’s annual Durian Fiesta is set to wow with new creations and the classic favourites that have won over fans since 1983. Fourteen premium confections – out of which six are new – using only the best D24 and Mao Shan Wang durians will be presented over selected periods between 10 March and 31 July 2017.

This year, the chefs are proud to introduce the D24 Starry Starry Night Ice Cream Cake; the D24 Sunflower Seed Crumble Tartlet; the D24 Cashew Nut Crumble Tartlet; the D24 Matcha Cake and the D24 Salted Caramel Cuppa. Signature items such as the D24 Mousse Cake, D24 Puff, D24 Crêpe as well as D24 and Mao Shan Wang ice cream tubs will also return.

The anticipation factor will be amplified with limited releases of selected new products throughout the promotion, as well as the launch of Spiky the Bear – the Fiesta mascot.

A new dim sum delight – D24 Fried Sesame Balls (榴莲炸煎推) – will be available for dine-in at Min Jiang, the Sichuan and Cantonese restaurant. Spherical shells of glutinous rice flour are coated with sesame seeds and gently deep-fried over low heat, then filled with fresh durian mousse and served immediately.

Coffee Lounge will also be serving its dessert buffet with durian pastries during this period, at lunch and dinner.

From 10 March  to 31 July 2017 the following are available for takeaway from at the Deli:

D24 STARRY STARRY NIGHT ICE CREAM CAKE; 星光闪闪 (new) | S$13 per slice; S$33 for a 350g cake; S$58 for a 700g cake
The hotel’s durian ice cream cake has been very popular since its introduction as a rainbow cake in 2015. This year, the chefs have created a distinctive charcoal sponge wrapped around a core of creamy durian ice cream. Gold stars made with icing and dark chocolate add sophistication.

D24 MOUSSE CAKE; D24 榴莲慕斯蛋糕 | $11 per slice; $65 for 1kg cake; $125 for 2kg cake; S$185 for a 3kg cake
The star that launched the inaugural Durian Fiesta in 1983, this legendary cake comes with generous lashings of pulp-laden durian mousse.

D24 PUFF; D24 榴莲泡芙 | S$9 for two pieces; S$23 for six pieces; S$62 for 20 pieces
A signature at Goodwood Park Hotel, these are choux pastry puffs that contain swirls of creamy durian.

D24 CRÊPE; D24 榴莲蛋饼 | S$12 per piece; S$69 for eight pieces
Creamy durian pulp enveloped in a thin crepe.

D24 ICE CREAM TUB; D24 榴莲冰淇淋 | S$19 per tub
MAO SHAN WANG ICE CREAM TUB; 猫山王榴莲冰淇淋 | S$28 per tub
Homemade frozen delights with an abundance of luscious pulp in convenient 16oz (about 450g) takeaway tubs.

The following are available from 10 March to 30 April 2017 for takeaway at The Deli

D24 SUNFLOWER SEED CRUMBLE TARTLET;  D24 榴莲葵花籽迷你挞 (new) | S$11.80 for 2 pieces; S$30 for 6 pieces

D24 CASHEW NUT CRUMBLE TARTLET; D24 榴莲腰果迷你挞 (new) | S$11.80 for 2 pieces; S$30 for six pieces

Pastries of durian mousse generously coated with buttery vanilla crumble and either sunflower seeds or cashew nuts. The former provides a delightful savoury crunch while the latter adds a rounded flavour. The Oreo cookie tartlet base gives it an extra chocolatey kick. 

The mascot is available from 1 April to 31 July 2017 at The Deli, while stocks last


Dressed in a durian shell onesie, Spiky is a limited-edition teddy bear.

The following are available from 1 May TO 31 July 2017 for takeaway at The Deli

Source: Goodwood Park Hotel. D24 matcha cake.
Source: Goodwood Park Hotel. D24 matcha cake.

D24 MATCHA CAKE; D24 榴莲抹茶蛋糕 (new) | S$12 per slice; S$60 for 500g cake
This pastel green cake is studded with white chocolate pearls and a fan of white chocolate, and surrounded by Italian-style sponge fingers. A matcha mousse-white chocolate centre is encased by durian mousse, almond sponge and topped with a matcha-white chocolate glaze.

D24 SALTED CARAMEL CUPPA; D24 榴莲咸焦糖蛋糕 (new) | S$12 per cup
This dessert combines layers of almond sponge, durian mousse, panna cotta and salted caramel. It is sprinkled with vanilla crumble and crushed pistachios for added texture. 

The following are available from 27 May to 31 July for takeaway at The Deli

MAO SHAN WANG’ POWER PUFF; 巨大猫山王榴莲泡芙 | S$19.80 per piece
Only available from 12pm to 7pm, this jumbo-sized profiterole is piped to plumpness upon order.

MAO SHAN WANG MOUSSE CAKE; 猫山王榴莲慕斯蛋糕 | S$65 for 500g
A more luxurious adaptation of the hotel’s very first durian creation, the Durian Mousse Cake, but made with D24 pulp.  

MAO SHAN WANG DESIGNER CAKE; 猫山王榴莲创意蛋糕 | S$50 for 350g
Fashioned after a cross-section of the thorny fruit, complete with a ‘husk’ made of fresh cream and vivid yellow ‘flesh’ made of Mao Shan Wang durian mousse.


Guests can visit The Deli from 9am to 9pm daily, call +65 6730 1786 or send the order form  available at the hotel or online ) or email: festive at goodwoodparkhotel.com. Takeaway orders can also be placed online. The last order date is 26 July 2017 at 12 noon

The D24 Fried Sesame Balls are not available for takeaway. They cost S$11.80++ for four pieces or S$23++ for eight pieces. For enquiries, call +65 6730 1704 or email min_jiang at goodwoodparkhotel.com

More information about the dessert buffet with durian pastries will be made available at a later date

Terms and conditions
  • All takeaway prices quoted are inclusive of GST, unless otherwise stated.
  • Enjoy 15% off online takeaway orders from 10 March to 31 July 2017, except for durian ice cream products and Mao Shan Wang' products.
  • There is a minimum order of S$50 (before GST) to process online orders.
  • The delivery option is not available for online purchases. 

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