20 March 2017

Singapore fashion designers showcase collections digitally-printed by Epson

Source: Epson Singapore. Display, Wai Yang.
Source: Epson Singapore. Display, Wai Yang.
Epson, a printing technologies provider, has collaborated with Singapore-based designers to showcase digitally-printed collections at the FashionisTech showcase at the recently-held FUZE Fashion Technology 2017 in Singapore.

Organised by Textile and Fashion Federation (TAFF), the event is the first fashion technology summit to be held in Singapore, and aims to promote the advancement in material innovation and showcase creative partnerships with the use of technology amongst Singapore fashion labels.

Singaporean labels Wai Yang, Pleatation and Ying The Label worked with Epson to create and print their collections digitally with Epson’s digital dye-sublimation textile printer and direct-to-garment printer. Each designer showcased six outfits as part of their collections at the event.

Wai Yang

Source: Epson Singapore. Wai.
Source: Epson Singapore. Wai.
Burmese-born Singapore-based Wai Wai launched Wai Yang, in 2016. For Wai Yang, the printed collection will form the label’s autumn/winter 2017 collection. Inspired by an abandoned building in Prague, the collection features boxy and masculine silhouettes with vibrant prints.

With this, founder/designer Wai aims to re-appropriate the inappropriate, breathing new life and meaning into otherwise unwanted objects, turning trash and defective objects such as torn cargo boxes, dead leaves, wire and bubble wrap into abstract print designs.

The designs are translated into subtle print effects on meticulously selected textiles via a combination of dye-sublimation, direct printing and textured screen-printing techniques, resulting in a highly tactile collection.

“Working to produce my collection with a digital textile printer for the first time was an eye-opening experience. The printer was able to reproduce my designs accurately, capturing the colours vividly. In the process of experimenting with the printing, I discovered that there are many different printing effects that can be achieved on different materials, and I love the fact that it is possible to play with many unusual materials as well. All my print designs are printed beautifully and would otherwise never have been used, adding a new dimension and richness to my designs and pieces,” said Wai.

Source: Epson Singapore. Chiang.
Source: Epson Singapore. Chiang.

Pleatation is a pleat-focused brand from Singapore, specialising in pleated products in fashion, stationery, home and lifestyle. Pleatation launched its Resort 1718 collection, Le Enchant, at the event. The printed collection consisting of vibrant hues in its signature pleated designs. Taking inspiration from enchanted forests around the world, Le Enchant captures beautiful shades and wild silhouettes in its latest collection, printed through dye-sublimation printing.

“When printing with Epson’s digital textile technology, I’ve noticed the colours captured are brighter and more vibrant. Digital textile printing enables quick turnaround and shortens the production process, which is important to my business as new designs and collections need to be created and brought to retail quickly. Epson’s dye-sublimation printing technology reproduces my designs vividly unlike other printing technologies I’ve worked with, and I’m glad for the opportunity for this collaboration,” said Chiang Xiaojun, founder of Pleatation. By breaking down basic silhouettes of essential products, she recreates new styles with the use of colour, print and textures.

Ying The Label

Source: Epson Singapore. Li.
Source: Epson Singapore. Li.
For Ying The Label, the collection in collaboration with Epson draws its inspiration from the idea of contentment and living in the moment. From seeing the silver lining in every roadblock, to being able to dream, Ying uses vibrant strokes of colours to represent feelings in 'The Moment'. The relaxed silhouettes are deliberately kept simple, with emphasis on every detail of founder and designer Li Ying's unique art through the use of dye-sublimation and direct-to-garment printing methods.

“Printing with Epson’s digital textile printing technologies has opened new avenues of printing and design, in terms of textures and turnaround time to produce the collection. Experimenting with fabrics and seeing the colours of the printed fabric has been an amazing process. I am currently exploring avenues with Epson’s printing technologies to produce future collections,” said Li.

Li's art is created using abstract brush strokes dipped in whimsical colour palettes that can bring out the unique personality of every piece.

“The collaboration with the designers aims to showcase the versatility and capabilities of our digital textile printers and the opportunities it brings to the fashion industry. We aim to support the creative visions of designers to transform their ideas into reality. With our innovative printing technologies, designers are now free to express their creativity without limitations in colours and designs,” said Shuji Hamaguchi, Regional GM (SE Asia), Epson Singapore.

Digital printing shortens turnaround time and enables printing in small volumes for customised prints, compared to traditional printing techniques, which require high volumes and long lead times. As a result, digital printing helps designers to achieve their artistic vision by translating their ideas to a range of fabrics quickly, easily and in the highest quality.

Epson digital dye sublimation printers use Epson’s proprietary technology known as Micro Piezo and PrecisionCore TFP head technology. The Micro Piezo printheads, unlike thermal inkjet systems, eject droplets of ink via mechanical pressure and do not use heat, making it compatible with a far wider variety of inks and mediums. By precisely controlling the volume of ink contained in each droplet of ink, Epson’s Micro Piezo printers not only generate virtually no wasted ink, they also ensure that sharp, rich and virtually grain-free images are rendered at all times.

The FUZE Fashion Technology 2017 summit was held from 16 to 17 March 2017 in Singapore.

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