13 April 2017

Senescence Life Sciences launches supplement for improving cognitive performance

Source: Senescence Life Sciences website. EDGE is vegan.
Source: Senescence Life Sciences website.
EDGE is vegan.
Singapore-based healthcare startup Senescence Life Sciences has come up with a vegan supplement to help enhance mental agility, optimise cognitive performance and sustain levels of intense focus.

Targeted at professionals, parents and health enthusiasts between 30 and 55 years, EDGE is formulated by neuroscientists and is based on natural ingredients which are clinically proven to support cognitive function and combat brain ageing over the long term. Key ingredients include ginseng and gotu kola (Centella Asiatica, also called the Asiatic pennywort). Gotu kola appears to be promising for various conditions, from wound healing to preventing seizures. This 2010 meta review notes that it can increase attention span, concentration and combat ageing. Ginseng has also shown promise in cognitive tests, such as with this 2012 experiment.

“With hectic urban lifestyles in a booming Asian economy, young professionals are more prone to the harmful effects of brain ageing than ever before. Often viewed as a concern for the elderly, research shows that brain ageing can occur as young as in your twenties. The birth of EDGE was fuelled by the rising need for an effective solution to help young professionals combat the mental struggles of modern-day working habits,” said Dr Shawn Watson, neuroscientist, founder and CEO, Senescence Life Sciences.

Dr Watson explained that EDGE is different from existing supplements which are positioned in the same space. “Many supplements may tout cognitive benefits and clinical research, but then bring to market low-quality products that are far less effective to those tested in the lab. This is the gap our company closes. Our products not only use clinical-grade ingredients, but are designed together with leading neuroscientists to maximise efficacy.  EDGE is the solution for those looking to maintain their brain’s peak performance so they can be faster, sharper and better at meeting the increasing demands of urban lifestyles.”

Manufactured under stringent conditions in a Health Canada, US-FDA approved and GMP-certified facility in Canada, EDGE consistently tests four to 100 times better than Health Canada’s minimum requirements. Senescence Life Sciences says that while some improvements in energy can be noticed after taking the product for as little as two weeks, the product is designed for long term use and significant benefits can be seen after three months.


 Buy Edge. The product contains no animal ingredients. A month's supply costs S$80.