24 April 2017

Sophos protects servers from ransomware

Sophos, a network and endpoint security provider, has announced that its anti-ransomware CryptoGuard technology is now available with Sophos Server Protection products. With this optimisation, Sophos Server Protection now has signatureless detection capabilities to combat ransomware on servers - similar to Sophos Intercept X for endpoints.

Sophos launched Sophos Intercept X with CryptoGuard in September 2016. It stops the spontaneous encryption of data by ransomware within seconds of detection.

By adding CryptoGuard to server security, Sophos is closing a critical gap by preventing ransomware attacks that could come in through rogue, guest or remote access users or other weaknesses in a company’s network. For example, if a company allows bring-your-own laptops on the network, remote access for employees or is victimised by an insider cyber threat, servers become highly susceptible to ransomware. Additionally, network shares on servers are high-value targets as they contain proprietary financials, personally identifiable information and other key data, and should be protected as such.

“Servers are considered the jackpot for cybercriminals, since they can store confidential corporate and employee information, medical records with social security numbers or private customer documents. It would be devastating for organisations to lose this kind of sensitive data to ransomware,” said Dan Schiappa, Senior VP and GM of Sophos’ Enduser and Network Security Groups.

“Most organisations back up their data, but recovery from a backup is not always easy. Businesses, schools or hospitals do not want the liability, hassle and operational disruption required to restore from a backup. Anti-ransomware technology is a critical layer for the protection and ongoing accessibility of the information that resides on servers."


Pricing for the complete range of Sophos Server Protection products is available from authorised Sophos Partners worldwide.

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