12 June 2017

Actxa Spur simplifies training in your heartrate zone

Actxa has released the Spur, an all-day activity tracker with continuous heart rate monitoring and heart rate zone indication markers. A convenient alternative to the traditional chest strap, the Spur intends to make training in the different heart rate zones accessible to everyone, not just athletes.

Fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes have, for decades, used their heart rate to determine the ideal intensity levels for their training. The more intense your workout, the higher your heart rate is.

The Spur measures resting heart rate with a built-in sensor at the wrist, and helps calculate and track Warm Up, Fat Burning, Cardio, Intense and Maximum heart rate zones, buzzing when the wearer has entered or exited each zone.

"It's great that many of us are walking 10,000 steps daily, but it's important to do it at a moderate intensity to improve our cardiovascular health," explains Joel Chin, CEO. "We also need to make sure our sessions aren't too intense on recovery days. With the Spur, you get the guidance and monitoring you wish for, to plan your training schedule, so your body gets both the workout and rest it needs for better health."

In addition to monitoring your heart rate, the Spur also tracks step count, caloric expenditure, active duration time and distance travelled. Personal goals can be set and tracked with the Actxa App. The Spur also monitors the quality of a wearer's sleep.

"We want to make fitness attainable for everyone. A healthy lifestyle isn't just for the technologically adept or the elite athlete with their fancy equipment. It needs to be accessible for the regular person on the street," said Chin.


The S$99 Spur is available in June 2017, and retails for S$99 online from Actxa, and at authorised retail partners.

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