22 June 2017

Firefox Focus on Android launched by Mozilla

Source: Mozilla. Mozilla launches Firefox Focus for Android.
Source: Mozilla. Mozilla launches Firefox Focus for Android.

Mozilla, the champion for an open and freely accessible Internet, has launched Firefox Focus for Android users to meet the growing demand from users of mobile devices who want more privacy online.

Firefox Focus allows its users to browse the web without being followed by tracking ads, which are notoriously for slowing down the mobile experience. The announcement comes over six months after the successful launch of the Firefox Focus for iPhone and iPad users last November, and includes an ad tracker counter, tracker disabling and a notification reminder, among other features.

"While we knew that Focus provided a useful service for those times when you want to keep your web browsing to yourself, we were floored by your response – it’s the highest rated browser from a trusted brand for the iPhone and iPad, earning a 4.6 average rating on the App Store," said Barbara Bermes, Product Manager for Firefox Mobile at Mozilla, in a blog post.

The Android release of Firefox Focus includes:

· An ad tracker counter – the counter lists the number of ads blocked per site while using the app.

· Disable tracker blocker – For sites that are not loading correctly, the tracker blocker can be disabled.

· Notification reminder – When Focus is running in the background, Mozilla sends a notification so that users can erase their browsing histories.

"Since we support both custom tabs and the ability to disable the ad blocking as needed, it works great with apps like Facebook when you just want to read an article without being tracked," Bermes said.


Download Firefox Focus on Google Play and in the App Store.