9 June 2017

Malaysia shoppers diversifying in what they buy online

In the Ramadhan and Raya period of 2017, 11street predicts:

· A 50% increase in online sales on its platform;

· Malaysians will head online to shop for electronics, home gadgets and clothing apparels to prepare for Hari Raya;
· More Malaysians will purchase buka puasa e-vouchers online, and in preparation to balik kampung, buy more car services and road safety-related items.

11street, one of the largest online marketplaces in Malaysia, has revealed that in preparation for the Ramadhan and upcoming Raya (Eid) festival celebrations, more Malaysian consumers will explore buying new items online, such as e-vouchers and groceries, in addition to shopping online solely for items such as clothing and electronics.

Hoseok Kim, CEO, 11street says: “Malaysian shoppers keep surprising us. During the Ramadhan and Raya period from 2015 to 2016, we have experienced more than 2.5 times uplift in overall online sales. 11street projects that online sales will continue upward by at least 50% throughout the Ramadhan and Raya periods this year, thanks to our customers’ evolving shopping patterns.”

Malaysians will continue to shop for sought-after items online, such as electronics, home gadgets and clothing apparels as they prepare for Hari Raya, 11street said. According to 11street’s findings, there was a significant increase in the purchase of e-vouchers in 2016 as there are now more options in the category. Leading to that, the search for food and beverage e-vouchers surged to more than 1.2 million during Ramadhan last year.

Kim said: “This year, we expect consumers to purchase more of e-vouchers especially for buka puasa (iftar) buffets, encouraged by the fact that more five-star establishments and restaurants have hopped aboard 11street to offer their delectable spreads. We are constantly evolving to move faster than current online shopping trends, as you can see from our vast offerings. As we amplify our offerings and make online shopping more secure, we see consumers’ confidence in us improving, through the purchase of motorcycles on our platform!”

As the Hari Raya holiday period approaches, 11street also anticipates that Malaysians’ search for car services and road safety-related items to multiply rapidly as they prepare to balik kampung. Since its inception in 2015, 11street has witnessed at least a threefold increase in both searches and online sales for baby car seats and car maintenance packages.

The online marketplace notes that these trends are driven by the lower prices found online to combat rising cost of living, and also the convenience of online shopping coupled with the abundance in variety.

The observations were made in conjunction with the launch of 11street's new campaign. "It is endearing to live in multicultural Malaysia, as everybody celebrates all festivities here. 11street is excited to announce our latest campaign – Gila-Gila Raya – with a host of irresistible deals with shocking promotion discounts for every avid shopping shopper out there!”

On till 23 July, 11street's Gila Gila Raya campaign has promotion pages in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Irresistible deals on popular items, key brands and renowned ready-to-wear designer apparel start from RM1.

Throughout the campaign period, consumers can also enjoy credit cashback up to 22% for every purchase storewide, and instant shipping and free delivery for selected items. Last but not least, 11street’s Gila-Gila Raya campaign reaches a crescendo through partnerships with popular celebrity designers such as Remy Ishak, Amar Amran, MariBeli Butik; as well as consumer and lifestyle brands such as Firefly, F&N, L’Oreal, MamyPoko, Nestle, Unilever and Samsung.

“We are optimistic that Malaysians will continue to turn to 11street as they prepare for Hari Raya. Therefore, we are constantly cognisant of our consumers’ shopping pattern, so that we can create stronger promotions that resonate with their needs. After all, we want to make each of their shopping experience on 11street an enjoyable one, every time,” concluded Kim.

Source: 11street. 11street shows what Malaysians are really interested in for Ramadhan and Raya.


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