18 July 2017

BenQ has a new line of colour-accurate digital laser projectors

The BenQ LU9715 digital laser projector.
The BenQ LU9715 digital laser projector.

BenQ, the global brand in digital light processing (DLP) and interactive displays, has announced a new line of laser projectors for large-venue corporate, professional, and educational applications.

According to BenQ, large business venues, museums, exhibition halls, and boardrooms will appreciate the 24x7 continuous operation capability. Daren Low, Senior Product Manager, BenQ Singapore, explained that low-maintenance requirements are a plus point when the projectors are typically mounted at heights which are relatively inaccessible, and would need scaffolding to be erected every time maintenance is required.

The colour-accurate digital laser projection line features the LU9715 and LU9235, both of which offer BlueCore Laser technology for full 360° and vertical projection, support for 24x7 operation, and ultra-bright output of 8,000 and 6,000 ANSI lumens respectively.

Dual-array laser light sources provide superior, long-lasting image quality. The LU9715 even delivers a guaranteed 20,000 hours of perfect performance at 8,000 ANSI lumens brightness. BlueCore laser technology allows for complete control of light output under any conditions. This allows for ultra-high 100,000:1 contrast ratio and auto-adjustable brightness to reveal every detail of the darkest images and video scenes. The LU9715 and LU9235 also feature spontaneous response with no wait time required to turn on or resume projection from a blank screen, achieving true black for zero light intrusion.

“Our blacks are very black even on standby mode,” Low said.

Adaptability is enhanced with features like 360° rotation and portrait orientation for a variety of installation choices. High-quality all-glass construction ensures ultra-clear focus and high apertures for brighter images in venues of every size.

Motorised zoom, lens shift, advanced geometric correction, and optional lenses are among the options available. Up to eight lens options are available to cater to a wide range of installation configurations.


Watch the Instavideo of a demonstration showcasing the new projectors

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