18 July 2017

BenQ interactive flat panel makes education, collaboration a breeze

BenQ, the global brand in digital light processing (DLP) and interactive displays, is offering a new interactive flat panel (IFP) that combines a 4K Ultra HD whiteboard, annotation, and collaboration solution into a single platform.

With the RP750K, BenQ has created an interactive flat screen display that taps into the dynamic possibilities of classroom or commercial training and collaboration scenarios. A Germ-Resistant Screen protects users, while preinstalled annotation tools encourage participation.

The RP750K Germ-Resistant Screen is infused with a multilayer coating of durable, non-toxic nano-ionic silver. This coating kills most germs that can accumulate on screen surfaces, preventing cross-infection. The ionic silver’s antimicrobial ability remains effective even after thorough cleaning and long periods of use.

The 75" IFP’s health-conscious design features continue with Smart Eye-Care for a smooth and comfortable viewing experience. An embedded motion sensor automatically activates flicker-free and low blue light features when movement is detected near the screen. Daren Low, Senior Product Manager, BenQ Singapore, said the blue light control results in displays which are gentler on the eye while the nano-ionic silver on the glass disrupts the cell division mechanism of most bacteria and viruses. The panel also features an anti-glare treatment to reduce eyestrain and offer more legible content.

The Android-based panel comes with proprietary BenQ software that increases productivity. Instructional tools include the EZWrite 4.0 whiteboard solution with handwriting recognition. EZWrite supports scribbling and will also recognise characters and shapes. Ideal for educational and team-building applications, EZWrite has a stopwatch, scoreboard for multiple teams and support for a buzzer that gives the floor to the 'first responder', said Low.

The InstaQShare collaboration solution allows participants to share information and collaborate on the fly through wireless mirroring between the display and devices. A mobile device may take control of the IFP while the screen can be broadcast to up to 16 other mobile devices, if the network permits it.

“BYOD is quite mature nowadays. It's very practical in a commercial environment,” Low said.
The IFP also supports video recording, Microsoft Office, a floating toolbar, and Data-to-Go, a feature which saves annotations as images and allows the images to be shared for review material. The content can be accessed by QR code, email, or as a hard copy and appears electronically in PDF form.

The stylus accessory, called the NFCPen, works through near field communications (NFC) technology and does not need a battery. Two are included with each IFP. A swipe of the palm will erase what's on the screen.

The RP750K is germ-resistant, eye-friendly and anti-glare.
The RP750K is germ-resistant, eye-friendly and anti-glare.


The RP750K costs S$9,999.

Watch the Instavideo of the NFCPen in action

Watch the Instavideo of screen mirroring in action

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