17 July 2017

Emojis taking the world by storm 🌩

In celebration of 🌎 World Emoji Day on July 17 App Annie set out to uncover just how deep the world’s obsession with emojis 💖 ran, and partnered with Leanplum to release a Mobile Marketing Trends report, Winning App ❤ (& 💸 ) With Emojis.

Beyond the emoji becoming an official word in the Oxford Dictionary, we now know from the report that:

·         Emoji usage rose 🚀163% in 2016

The library of emojis that marketers tapped into also increased by 10%.

·         Emojis lift push notification 💍 engagement 💍 by 85%

Push notifications without emojis saw a 2.44% open rate, versus push notifications with emojis that saw a 4.51% open rate.

·         Android is more effective for push notifications 🙃

Android push notifications with emojis are opened at a rate 135% higher than those for iOS, which is 50% higher than those without emojis. It is possible that Android push notifications stick around in the notification tray longer, so users have more time to see the emoji and react to it.

·         Millennials 💁🏻 are more interested in emoji push notifications

The report also reveals the most successful emojis 😍 are those used in the retail, dating, and gaming industries.