8 July 2017

Bronze pink Xperia XZ Premium phones now available in Singapore

Source: Sony. The Bronze Pink Sony Xperia XZ.
Source: Sony. The Bronze Pink Sony Xperia XZ.
Following the launch of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium in June, Sony Mobile has introduced the flagship in a third colour variant in Singapore – Bronze Pink.

The rosy pink hue will be rolling out progressively from selected retailers starting 8 July. The Xperia XZ Premium comes at a suggested retail price of S$1,098.

The Xperia XZ Premium is the world’s fastest smartphone with a 4K HDR Display, Sony said. The phone showcases Sony’s new Motion Eye camera system to enable advanced features and excellence in picture quality, including the world’s first super slow motion video capable of recording 960 frames per second (fps) video, four times slower than any other smartphone and 32 times slower than real time.

Predictive Capture stays one step ahead and automatically starts buffering images when it detects motion even before the user presses the button, so up to four shots are taken a second before the click.

The existing colour selections feature Deepsea Black and Luminous Chrome.

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