20 December 2017

The southwest corner of the office could boost your company's fortunes

Source: Joey Yap Private Limited.
Infographic on how directions can impact
life in 2018.
Dato’ Joey Yap, a speaker, author and Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Private Limited, a fengshui and Chinese astrology consultancy, has compiled a list of 2018 fengshui direction forecasts for a successful year of the earth dog.

In fengshui philosophy, different directions govern different aspects of an individual's life, with the location of the aspects changing every lunar year. The position of the front door - the door designated as the main door in the floor plans, which may not be the door which is used most often; where in the office a person sits and so on are said to affect their health, career prospects and relationships. Some of the concepts look very much to be common sense whereas others are more esoteric.

There are "good" directions and "bad" directions, as well as ways to encourage positive outcomes and mitigate negative ones. The individual's date and year of birth are also said to affect outcomes. 

In the following table Dato' Yap outlines which directions in the workplace - or home - can influence specific life aspects such as wealth (southeast), career (southwest), and health (west). 

For specific activation and mitigation a fengshui practitioner should be consulted. Different practitioners may offer different interpretations of the same situation; look at their track records to get an indication of their effectiveness.

Forecast for 2018
  • Fruitful if activated as the main wealth sector of the year. Activation typically refers to bringing in an object of a certain element or things in a certain colour to be placed within the sector.
  • Maximising sector benefits will increase wealth accumulation
  • Professional pursuits will flourish in this sector
  • Solid foundation will be in place for future promotions at work
  • Encourages scholarly and academic pursuits
  • Boosts endeavours in humanities, literary and artistic fields
  • Positioning the main door here will result in fulfilling journey for long distance travels
  • Promotes a meaningful and fulfilling romantic relationship
  • Profitable career prospects throughout the year
  • Initiatives at work will be recognised by superiors
  • Social influence will improve by using this sector as the office main door
  • Causes minimal complications in the form of upheavals in the office
  • Turbulent energies will cause severe health complications
  • Aggravation of existing medical conditions
  • Expectant mothers may face pregnancy issues and babies may have poor health
  • Negative energies can be suppressed by placing heavy metal objects
  • Positive outcomes for career advancement
  • Opportunities for travel and wealth accumulation
  • Positive improvements in academic pursuits
  • Promote relationships and social skills
  • Bears the most negative energy of the year
  • Most inauspicious sector to begin endeavours with
  • Avoid renovations or groundbreaking works in this sector
  • Negative energy can be suppressed with heavy metal objects
  • Promotes conflicts, arguments and heated disagreements
  • Legal complications which lead to health problems due to stress
  • Placement of oil lamps will suppress negative energies
  • Inflicts adverse effects on emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Introduces a host of various illnesses
  • Causes constant arguments that will impact your life
  • Having the main door here means the occupants will be more prone to theft and burglary
Source: Joey Yap Private Limited.


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