11 January 2018

New road in Salalah, Oman

The Oman Ministry of Transport and Communications has opened the RO40.5 million 36 km dual carriageway along the Taqah/Mirbat road, the Oman News Agency has reported.

The dual carriageway is connected to Tawi/Ateer and the Wadi Mirbat road, as well as the road leading to the Samahram archaeological site, Ashur and Hasheer roads. The existing service road will remain in operation to connect the residential areas on both sides.

Key features along the Taqah/Mirbat road project are three bridges, three tunnels for vehicles, 11 tunnels for animals, a 150 m bridge over Khur Ruri, and two roundabouts.

The Taqah/Mirbat road project is expected to meet the needs of the growing tourism, economic and social activities in the wilayat of Mirbat, which has 181 villages and residential areas, and the wilayat of Sadah, which has 23 villages.