10 January 2018

X-mini launches new portable audio solutions at CES

X-mini INFINITI S offers signature 360° 3D surround sound for immersive audio

- X-mini EVOLVE 2 is the second-generation wireless hybrid speaker headphones with aptX technology 

- New line of IPX7 waterproof portable speakers

X-mini, makers of portable speakers and a specialist in portable audio innovation, is unveiling a range of new audio devices at this year’s CES. The brand, which launched in 2007 with iconic capsule speakers, is instrumental in pioneering the portable speaker category.

Audio manufacturers need to keep up with demand for music wherever and whenever consumers want it, said Ryan Lee, Co-founder of X-mini. “As market leaders in innovative audio design and engineering, we strive to break new (ground) constantly and provide our users with great audio solutions that meets their lifestyles.”


The X-mini INFINITI S is a compact 360° 3D surround sound speaker. Housing four drivers, one dedicated subwoofer, and built-in dual pressure air compression (DPAC) and digital signal processor (DSP) audio technologies, the X-mini INFINITI S is designed to disperse immersive high quality sound in all directions. It has a removable genuine leather strap, a HDMI port, and a USB Type-C port. 

X-mini EVOLVE 2 
Source: X-mini. The X-mini EVOLVE 2.
Source: X-mini.
The X-mini EVOLVE 2.
The second-generation X-mini EVOLVE 2 features dual Bluetooth and AUX-in connectivity. The speaker headphones have built-in swivel and leather ear pads with memory foam to improve noise isolation and add comfort. The hybrid speaker headphones feature quad drivers and a bass port for enhanced audio in speaker mode. The headset also includes aptX audio technology, for improved audio and video synchronisation over Bluetooth.


The X-mini XOUNDBAR W IPX7-certified ultra portable Bluetooth speaker is made to fit in pockets. Housing dual 36mm audio drivers for full-range stereo sound, the speakers can be submerged in water for up to 1m for a maximum of 30 minutes. 

X-mini KAI X1 W

Source: X-mini. The KAI X1 W.
Source: X-mini.
The KAI X1 W.
The X-mini KAI X1 W comes with a large 50mm driver for quality sound. The IPX7-certified rating means this portable speaker can also be submerged underwater for 30 minutes to a depth of 1 m. With an in-built camera mount, the X-mini KAI X1 W can be fixed to a bicycle handle or tripod for a fuss-free outdoor audio experience. 

Source: Popsical, X-mini. X-mini and Popsical to offer compact karaoke speakers that work with Popsical's app.
Source: Popsical, X-mini. X-mini and Popsical to offer compact karaoke speakers that work with Popsical's app.

X-mini further announced a partnership with Popsical, the smart karaoke system provider. The collaboration leverages on the synergies of the X-mini's audio technologies and the content and karaoke streaming expertise of Popsical to produce a series of compact karaoke speakers. A prototype compact speaker for karaoke lovers was showcased at CES

The speakers will offer features such as track request, track list queue, updated seasonal and favourite playlists using the Popsical app, available on the App Store and from the Google Play store. Content on the app can be enjoyed with a 24-hour subscription package at S$3.99, or monthly subscription of S$9.99 model to cover licensing rights.

“X-mini is a leader in bringing big sound from small form factor devices, and Popsical – a passionate advocate of a fun and seamless karaoke experience through both hardware and software. From this partnership, we are looking to develop a range of karaoke audio products that sound, look and deliver a great karaoke experience in any room,” said Faruq Marican, the CEO and Co-founder of Popsical. 


The X-mini INFINITI S will be available in Q318, at a suggested retail price of US$399.

The X-mini EVOLVE 2 will be available in Q218, at a suggested retail price of US$149. 

The X-mini XOUNDBAR W will be available in Q218, at a suggested retail price of US$45.90. 

The X-mini KAI X1 W will be available in Q218, at a suggested retail price of US$54.90. 

The karaoke speakers will be available in Singapore in Q118 at S$399, with international distribution to roll out over the year.

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