30 April 2018

Philips SpeedPro Max cordless vacuum cleans in every direction

Source: Philips. The new SpeedPro Max vacuum. 
The new Philips SpeedPro Max sports a 360o suction nozzle that is engineered to capture more dust and dirt faster. According to Philips it delivers the fastest* cordless cleaning experience with every stroke, even backwards. Current vacuum cleaning technology cleans solely with forward movements.

The 360o nozzle ensures exceptional cleaning performance in every direction, even along walls and furniture. The PowerBlade Digital motor handles airflow of more than 1,000 l/min at the nozzle, enabling 360o suction. A 25.2V lithium ion battery serves up to 65 minutes of cordless cleaning power for a range of surfaces.

There are three speed settings to tackle different types of dirt, ranging from fine dust, fluff and hair to bigger particles like crumbs. A three-stage advanced hygiene filtration captures up to 99% of fine dust, bacteria and allergens**.

Further enabling the cleaning power of the nozzle is PowerCyclone 8 – the cyclone technology from Philips bagless vacuum cleaners – which ensures efficient dust and air separation in three steps. The LED nozzle further reveals dust in hard-to-reach spots.

Integrated accessories include a mini turbo brush and an integrated brush head.


Philips SpeedPro Max is available in two models, the Philips SpeedPro Max FC6823/61, recommended retail price (RRP) S$699 and the Philips SpeedPro Max FC6813/61, RRP S$549. They are available at Philips and leading electronics stores, major department stores and selected authorised dealers.

1 Tested against top 10 selling cordless stick vacuums > €300 in Germany 2017, using Philips developed coarse dirt hard floor cleaning test based on international standard IEC60312-1. January 2018.

 2 >2.5 μm particle size; tests have been performed according to IEC 60312/ EN60312.