25 July 2018

Save My Bag launches Princess collection in Singapore

Fun-loving Italian brand Save My Bag, founded and developed by Stefano Agazzi and Valentina Azzia in 2013, has introduced the Princess collection to Singapore.

Source: Save My Bag. The Princess collection comes in three sizes.

The bags come in a wide range of bright colours and are available in mini, midi and maxi sizes. The maxi measures 410 x 280 x 200 mm while the midi is 360 x 260 x 160 mm and the mini, 250 x 190 x 120 mm. Each features a single zipper closure and an internal pocket.

Save My Bag bags were originally meant as protective covers to shield costly designer handbags from the elements, including rain or heat. Made from a blend of polyester and lycra, the bags are easy to wash and quick to dry, weigh less than 400 g, and cost from S$119.

Save My Bag was brought into Singapore two years later by co-founders Chris Chua and Melody Low. Chua and Low also founded and are presently managing Audaash, a multi-label store carrying fashion pieces from Korea.


The Princess collection costs between S$139 and S$239.

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