11 August 2018

StarHub, with the fastest 3G and 4G network in Singapore, presents World's Fastest Band

StarHub has presented the World’s Fastest Band in commemoration of StarHub’s OpenSignal Speed Awards 2018 win. OpenSignal specialises in wireless coverage mapping.

“StarHub clocked Singapore’s fastest 4G and 3G speeds according to OpenSignal! Network quality is essential to us and our customers, and we want to celebrate our achievement with a musical masterpiece created by a sextet of the world’s fastest,” said Donovan Kik, VP, Segment & Marketing, StarHub. “Notwithstanding this achievement, we will continue working hard to fulfil our customers’ needs and expectations.”

In the OpenSignal report*, it was noted that StarHub achieved an average 4G speed score that was three times the global average.

The maiden music video, available on StarHub's Facebook and Instagram channels, introduces the six band members making tunes with unconventional instruments before performing together. 

In order of appearance; the performers are: 

- Russell Horning or The Backpack Kid, world’s fastest floss dancer. Horning shot to fame in 2015 for his signature dance move – flossing, which involves rapidly swinging his arms around his body while moving his hips and maintaining an expressionless glare.
- António Domingos, the world’s fastest pianist. Domingos holds the Guinness World Record for the Most Piano Key Hits in One Minute - 824 hits, in 2017.
- Satoyuki Fujimura, the world’s fastest finger snapper, who completed 296 snaps in one minute to enter the record books. Fujimura picked up finger snapping from his mother a year before his record-breaking performance.

Source: StarHub. Poster advertising the World's Fastest Band.
Source: StarHub. Poster advertising the
World's Fastest Band.
- Sadatoshi Watanabe, the world’s fastest bum skipper. In bum skipping the skipper sits on the floor with legs outstretched in an 'L' shape and passes the rope over the head, under the legs and then over the head again to complete a single skip. Watch him break records.

- Muhammad Rashid, the world’s fastest head smasher. In head smashing, the head is used to crush an object.
- Tony Valente, the world’s fastest nunchaku master.

The World’s Fastest Band will also be touring on StarHub TV and YouTube channels as well as Golden Village cinema screens in coming weeks, StarHub said.


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*Based on OpenSignal’s independent analysis of 185,297,150 on-device measurements recorded by 11,742 users from February 1 to May 1, 2018. Read the report