15 July 2020

SingaMask efficacy lasts for 365 washes, longer-lasting face masks planned

Source: SmartComm World. People wearing the  SingaMask 365.
Source: SmartComm World. People wearing the
SingaMask 365.
A face mask that can be washed for up to 365 times, with N95-equivalent effectiveness. These are the features of the SingaMask, designed and made in Singapore by SmartComm World.

According to SmartComm World, the current mask has three unique features:

Wear wet or dry

The mask can be worn dry like any other mask, or wet.


After several washes, the fabrics become more comfortable and form-fitting. The airflow will also improve. The integrity of the Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filter that is between the inner and outer linings will not be affected by constant washing, the company said.

PTFE is a non-stick material known to be flexible and water-resistant. It has a high melting point. Ultra-thin PTFE film is made air-permeable, so air can pass freely through while nano particles are filtered out, without generating an electrostatics discharge.


The mask is available in four sizes, and further adjustable. Two spring-loaded toggle clasps (cord locks) ensure a better fit for the loops, which are designed to fit at the back of the head rather than around the ears. 

In addition, SingaMask 365 has a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 99.9%.

Source: SmartComm World. The Summer Collection is currently available, while preorders for the Winter Collection are accepted.
Source: SmartComm World. The Summer Collection is currently available, while preorders for the Winter Collection are accepted.

Toon Wee, CEO, SmartComm World and a co-designer of the SingaMask, recalled that the SingaMask 365 was created after many design iterations. "In March 2020, people in Singapore were rushing to buy and hoard up all sorts of mask protection they could get their hands on. Disposable masks are designed to be worn for short periods of time and had to be changed frequently," he explained.

"We knew the pandemic was not going to go away anytime soon and eventually the entire world would be demanding something more practical and less disposable. We also anticipated should the situation become worse, key materials such as meltblown fabric for mask-making or the mask itself would be nationalised and controlled.

"We decided that we wanted to make a mask that was specifically designed for daily use, for street wear, riding a bicycle or motorbike and not to focus on healthcare workers.  It had to be tough, comfortable, easy to wear, look great while offering a very high level of protection, equivalent to N95. Our mask is designed to be able to withstand blood, alcohol sprays and can be used in the rain as well during the haze season."

Wee envisions that new SingaMask looks will be released in collections, similar to fashionwear. "SingaMask sets a new fashion category of streetwear mask protection that is based on a collection series rather than mass production. For each season, a limited number of masks will be offered to the market," he said.

"The colours for each season will be strongly based on the colour themes from the BTS K-Pop group."

SingaMask 500 is slated to be released in the winter collection, out around November 2020. While the current SingaMask 365 can be reused and washed up to 365 times, the upcoming SingaMask 500 will be reusable and washable for up to 500 times. Preorders are currently accepted for the SingaMask 500.

Corporate and government sales are considered independent special projects and would not be part of the collection series, Wee added.

Mask sales are going well, Wee said, so much so that manufacturing has been expanded to include Indonesia to meet demand. "All products will eventually go through the Singapore office for quality checks and packing," he noted.


SmartComm World sells the masks in bulk, with a minimum of 500 pieces needed. Individual SingaMasks can be purchased from retailers online.

The SingaMask 365 is currently available in Citrus Yellow, a fluorescent yellow that is highly visible and represents sunshine, hope and happiness. Preorder the SingaMask 500.

*SingaMask is not designed to be used in hospitals or biohazard environments.