5 July 2014

Unified Inbox introduces InboxRank

Unified Inbox says it has created an intelligent sorting mechanism called InboxRank that helps users manage their communications from various sources, including from email mailboxes, social media, SMS, and instant messaging.

Source: Unified Inbox.

InboxRank ranks a number of variables against individual users’ inbox behaviour in order to prioritise the information that is presented. It learns what users like, improving over time. Major variables considered include:

  • Frequency of communication between sender and receiver
  • How long they have known each other (based from date of first contact)
  • How quickly they respond to each other's messages
  • Indicators such as emails flagged as “important”, number of shares and retweets in social media, etc
  • How many communication channels sender and recipient have in common

Source: The App Store.

The iPhone app can be downloaded here.