2 February 2018

SmartUp launches Digital Readiness Experience

Source: SmartUp website. Screen capture of the SmartUp platform.
Source: SmartUp website.
Screen capture of the SmartUp
SmartUp, which has a mobile-first knowledge-sharing platform, has launched a Digital Readiness Experience for the workforce featuring microlearning modules on hot tech topics. 

Its Digital Readiness Experience is several weeks long and can be purchased by SmartUp customers for their employees, explained Deborah Tan-Pink, Global Head of Marketing, SmartUp. 

"For the Digital Readiness Experience, what companies are buying is a four- to six-week campaign that aims to transform attitudes and knowledge with the specific purpose of increasing employees’ level of comfort around tech, innovation, and disruption.

"During this campaign, a course of 10-15 microlearning modules will be put into the client’s community for their employees to consume. These courses can be on design thinking, fintech disruption, or Blockchain and cryptocurrency," she said. 

The Digital Readiness Experience includes interactive quizzes and polls to test knowledge retention, practical applications, and lateral thinking. The assessments also help corporate leaders identify blindspots and shifts in mindsets.

Global Head of Talent & Learning at SmartUp Laurence Smith says, “What SmartUp delivers is a broad understanding of digitisation and its implications on work, society and organisations. Employees are taught not only the importance of staying relevant in a digital world, but also how to constantly upgrade their skills.” 

Smith said existing systems, processes and incentives for employees will need to evolve as companies transform digitally. “One of the most important roles of leaders today is to prepare their organisation for disruption by developing a ‘digital mindset’," he said.

“Digital transformation is at the very heart of doing business, and companies need to create the seeds of participation to get the learning process started.”

SmartUp is a microlearning app that allows companies to rework their legacy learning materials into bite-sized cards with videos, images, quizzes and polls. Companies sign up to build private communities where they can populate with their own content or with content from SmartUp.

SmartUp's library is organised by Snapshots, courses of 10-15 microlearning modules each on various topics. The Digital Readiness Experience consists of four to six Snapshots, including the Digital Readiness Snapshot. Customers can purchase a Snapshot on its own for US$3/user.


Corporates with existing SmartUp communities can purchase the Digital Readiness Experience from US$10/user for a four-week campaign. 

New customers can set up their own SmartUp communities from US$2.50 per month per user. Once the platform is set up, companies can purchase the Digital Readiness Experience and also create their own learning content.