27 July 2018

Kaltura introduces personal video capture tool

Kaltura, the video technology company, has launched personal video capture product Kaltura Personal Capture. With the tool anyone in an organisation can make videos without specialised equipment, in minutes.

Kaltura Personal Capture offers users the ability to capture both screen and camera in one click. It also includes a new automatic slide detection feature - if a user has a PowerPoint presentation in presenter mode when recording the screen, Kaltura Personal Capture automatically detects and captures it.  Kaltura also automatically captures metadata from slides and audio, which are made immediately searchable as well.

Kaltura Personal Capture uploads new videos into the user’s personal folder, and videos are made available in an organisation’s learning and content management systems as well as the Kaltura MediaSpace video portal, making it easy for users to create professional video with multiple feeds, including slides.

“Based on years of experience, we’ve now created what we believe is the most user-friendly, attractive video capture solution in the market,” said Michal Tsur, Kaltura Co-founder, President & GM - Enterprise & Learning.

“After receiving feedback from thousands of users around the world, we’re delighted to empower them to create engaging visual video content at the click of a button. Personal Capture allows to easily create visual walkthroughs, and video presentations opening the floodgates of video content creation and consumption across an organisation. This is particularly of value for teaching and learning, training, product demonstrations, proposal walkthroughs and more.”

Kaltura expects that Kaltura Personal Capture could be used by educational institutions for video assignments, assessments, feedback, demonstrations, course content creation, blog posts, administration communications, alumni outreach, and sharing information between institutions. Businesses might create videos for knowledge sharing, training, internal communications, sales presentations, customer and partner enablement, and so on.

“International surveys carried out by Kaltura have revealed shifting consumer preferences towards video, with the medium extensively being used across the education and enterprise sectors for effective knowledge and information transfer. We’re also witnessing a trend where individuals are actively creating video content, spurring demand for more advanced video creation functionality such as Kaltura Capture. These make videos a critical new data type that any organisation needs to be able to support, especially in Asia Pacific which is home to the world's largest population of digital video viewers,” said Eylon Cohen, VP and GM – Enterprise and Education, Kaltura Asia Pacific.