19 February 2014

Two Asian hotels make it to Lonely Planet's list of extraordinary hotels

Source: Mihir Garh website.
Businesses looking for a new venue to wow stakeholders can get ideas from Lonely Planet's list of the most extraordinary hotels in the world. Hotels in the UAE, Australia, Laos and India are included.

At number one is Mihir Gahr, Rajasthan, India, which took 150 masons, artisans and craftsmen two years to build. "This is not just a unique place to stay; it’s a shrine to the artistic and architectural traditions of Rajasthan in general and Jodhpur in particular,” says James Kay, Editor, Lonely Planet.

Qasr Al Sarab, United Arab Emirates at number four in the list, is another extraordinary hotel, where museum-quality artifacts in the library come from a time when the area's few residents were date farmers or Bedouins. The sense of history is palpable, with Lonely Planet author Lisa Dunford talking about meeting a fourth-generation falconer.

To stay at Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge, the fifth-most extraordinary hotel in the world, to "plunge.. into the heart of Tasmania’s wilderness", according to the list. Tantalisingly, Lonely Planet Writer and Editor Anita Isalska says: "Wildlife is best viewed from an outdoor hot tub."

Last but not least is The Gibbon Experience Treehouse at Bokeo Reserve, Laos, in position ten, for those with a head for heights. The beds are a hundred feet up "in the triple canopy", and Lonely Planet author Richard Waters called his visit "the most magical two nights" of his stay in Laos.

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