20 February 2014

Managers in Oman fall short on delegating

Delegating to focus on your strengths may sound simple, but it is not, say two ladies from Scope Quantum, a company which specialises in project management and consultancy services for health, safety and the environment (HSE). 

Source: Scope Quantum
"Most leaders admit to struggling with spending more time doing what their subordinates should or could have done," explains Zeenath Jaleel, Consultant, Scope Quantum and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) practitioner.  

"We found that if a manager is on leave, work often gets delayed because their subordinates have not been given the trust and training to follow up on tasks. In my own experience in Oman, I have found that when I delegate and empower my team members, their resulting achievements are quite impressive," Jaleel said. 

"I am a HSE Team Lead at Areej Vegetable & Oil Derivatives, with HSE Officers working under my supervision. We got more done than planned simply by empowering the HSE Officers to do the job and giving them the freedom and trust to implement the plans based on their own initiatives. Marwa Al Kharusi, a Senior HR Specialist, has also found that effective leadership is when one is able to motivate his or her team members by delegating and empowering."

It is this crying need to clarify roles and responsibilities in the project management environment that has inspired Scope Quantum to offer a three-day workshop in Muscat, Oman titled "The Art of Delegation, Motivation & Empowerment in Project Team Management" at the Radisson Blu Hotel from 4 to 6 March this year. 

According to the the organisers, this is the first time that both Human Resources and Project Management are discussed with mutual reference at the same workshop.

"It will be three intensive days of interactive sessions, lunch included, with case studies and lessons learned in various industries specific to Oman," Jaleel said. "Everything is carefully designed so that participants are able to create a comprehensive action plan on the final day."

This is Jaleel's and fellow speaker Marwa Al Kharusi's first workshop for 2014. In late 2013 the two conducted bespoke training for mining company Vale in Sohar and received an average rating of 8  out of a maximum satisfaction score of 10.

The workshop targets managers, supervisors, team leaders and anyone who works with teams for projects. Jaleel has led project teams for PDO, Vale, and Areej Vegetable Oils & Derivatives, and conducted bespoke training sessions for clients in project management, risk management and health & safety management. 

Al Kharusi is a qualified professional trainer who has offered soft skills and behavioural training for over five years both in Oman and internationally. Al Kharusi has over 10 years of experience as a human resource specialist, and has coached potential entrepreneurs and students in association with Injaz Oman and Junior Achievement USA. She was also Project Leader for the Total Management team event organised by Omantel.
For further enquiries or to register for this event, contact Scope Quantum at admin@scopequantum.com. A maximum of 30 participants will be accepted for the March workshop. The company will consider opening up additional sessions if interest is high.