20 May 2014

Cisco introduces personal hardware to enhance collaboration

Cisco has announced new personal collaboration tools at CiscoLive! 2014 in the US. According to the company, people who are working together on the same team or task aren't necessarily on the same continent let alone in the same room, and need tools that allow them to collaborate at a moment's notice, without technology hassles, so they can get work done. 

Source: Cisco. The Cisco DX80 in action.
Cisco addresses the challenge with its new DX70 and DX80 desktop collaboration devices. The Android-based DX70 and DX80 provide access to all the top tools and applications highly collaborative work requires. With large touch screens, the DX70 and DX80 bring together in one device Cisco's expertise in HD video, high-end audio, and Web conferencing plus integrated business applications and Web browsing.

"The DX70 and DX80 were designed from the ground up to provide the best collaboration experience for every desk in an enterprise. Combined with the Collaboration Meeting Room service, users can have their own always-on private meeting room to collaborate with anyone on any device at any time. Only Cisco can combine this amazing hardware, the incredible software, and the powerful network to provide anyone with their own dedicated collaboration space in the cloud – and on their desk – that they can call their own," said Rowan Trollope, SVP/GM, Collaboration Technology Group, Cisco.

Source: Cisco. The DX70.
The DX80 also comes equipped with Intelligent Audio, a brand new feature to ensure that what you see is what you hear; the person on the receiving end of your call sees and hears you—he will not hear distracting background noise (be it the barking dog in your home office or talkative coworkers in an adjacent workspace). 
Additionally, the devices come equipped with Cisco's recently announced Intelligent Proximity, so the DX can be 'paired' with a user's mobile phone. This shares information on the phone, such as personal contacts and call history, as well as provides the capability to move calls that are in progress—similar to the way you can transfer a call from your mobile phone to your car.

These devices are well suited for shared work environments since they can "remember" different users; a user simply enters his login credentials and the device quickly serves up his stored settings, contact lists, call histories and more.

Cisco also introduced the IP Phone 8800 Series to mark its 15th anniversary of innovation in IP phones. Calling it 'the best-performing audio IP phone we've ever delivered', the phone includes USB ports on select models for easy mobile-device charging, and Cisco Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice so workers can import contacts and call history or move the audio path of a voice or video call-in-progress from their mobile device to their 8800 Series desk phone.