26 July 2014

LINE introduces private messaging with a time limit

LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, has released a Hidden Chats feature for the Android and iPhone versions of the LINE app. The new feature lets users send messages with a time limit attached to them, perfect for private conversations.

Hidden Chats can be used in 1-to-1 chats between supported devices. A separate room exclusive to Hidden Chats is created and a filter attached to the messages makes it impossible to view the contents directly. Text, stickers, images, location info, and contact info can be sent, and viewing limits of 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week can be attached to the messages.

The receiver of the message can tap the protected content to view it, at the same time starting the countdown timer for the message. After the predetermined amount of time passes, the contents of the message will be automatically deleted, making the feature perfect for sending sensitive information to be shared temporarily between colleagues or business partners.

In order to experience the new Hidden Chats feature, current LINE users must update to the latest version available via the notices section of the app. 
The Hidden Chats feature is not available in Japan or China, and does not offer support for BlackBerry, Windows Phone, or Nokia devices.

Worldwide downloads of LINE and LINE Family Apps reached 1 billion in June 2014, the company said.