15 August 2014

Customisable cufflinks for men available on Indiegogo

CuffloCs, customisable cufflinks for men, are currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The cufflinks consist of a hollow area in which small items can be securely placed. According to entrepreneur Josh Jablonski, CuffloCs are designed to work with small objects such as jewelry charms, pebbles, or a photograph.

Source: Indiegogo.
"The screw/on off design keeps your items securely inside the double sided glass and (the cufflink) can easily be taken apart to change the design," states Jablonski on his Indiegogo page. "Being able to change the charms or even put your own picture in them makes them the only pair of cufflinks you need. You can create your own unique piece to match any outfit... and any occasion."

For US$40, backers receive a pair of CuffloCs and a pair of charms, one for each cufflink. Available charms include a buffalo, anchor, eagle, American flag, clover leaf, breast cancer ribbon, American football, soccer ball and basketball. International shipping costs an additional US$5. 

Crowdfunding revenue will go towards growing the business and establishing CuffloCs as a brand, Jablonski said. The campaign ends September 7, 2014. View the associated video here.