13 August 2014

IDC Financial Insights picks top 50 mobile pioneers in APeJ

In early 2014, IDC Financial Insights published Mobilizing Financial Services in Asia/Pacific, a report detailing the most innovative and interesting mobility initiatives within financial services. The company has just released an infographic describing the findings. 

IDC Financial Insights notes that Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, India, South Korea and Singapore are leading the mobile charge in the Asia Pacific excluding Japan region (APeJ). 

The company says the opportunity for mobile commerce is high, with growing adoption of mobile devices in Asia, and great interest in paying for goods and services via a mobile channel. Close to 10% of mobile Internet users in APeJ already make purchases through their mobile devices, for example.

Digital, the company says, has become the preferred customer channel for banking customers in Asia. 

A comparison of banking behaviour between 2010 and 2012 shows a clear rise in mobile transaction volumes over online equivalents in Malaysia and Korea, while a look at transactions in China and Thailand show that both mobile and Internet transaction volumes are expanding their share of the digital transaction mix over ATM transactions for the same period. Banks have been responding by ramping up their support for mobile channels, IDC has noted.

Finally, IDC Financial Insights has revealed the top 50 mobile pioneers in APeJ. These are companies which have adopted advanced mobile technologies like proximity payments, where bringing a mobile device near a payment terminal is enough to complete the transaction; remote payments, or payments which are not made in person; and mWallets, which are applications that allow users to store virtual cards, loyalty and promotional offers, and money in a single mobile app.

View the full list of 50 here.

*All images from the IDC Financial Insights "Asia's Top 50 Mobile Pioneers in Financial Services" infographic. View the full infographic here.