19 September 2014

Social media tracking reveals Formula One sentiments across Asia Pacific

To help sales, marketing and customer care professionals listen, gain insights and more effectively engage with customers across social channels, Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Social Listening in July in eight Asia Pacific markets*. This new service adds the capabilities for people to analyse and act on market intelligence from social conversations, including measuring sentiment across a wide array of social channels. It also allows users to track product, brand, competitor and campaigns globally and in real time to gain true understanding of their customers and their business across the social Web.

Microsoft Social Listening will be offered as part of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online professional licenses at no additional charge; on-premises customers can get Microsoft Social Listening for an incremental cost. In addition, Microsoft Social Listening has expanded to include monitoring news – making the latest breaking news and relevant stories easily accessible for all.

To show the power of the Social Listening feature, Microsoft tracked social chatter in Asia Pacific on Formula One from 26 August to 17 September. Over 6,000 posts were discovered, an average of 209 a day. The most mentions were from Australia, followed by Singapore and then Indonesia, and overwhelmingly from Twitter (99.7%) as opposed to other social networks.

Team Ferrari clocked in 587 posts, and was most popular in Australia, while Lotus had 286 posts and was most popular in the Philippines. Team Mercedes received 249 mentions and is an Indonesian favourite.