9 October 2014

Evernote announces new app, revamped app, app redesign

Evernote has announced three updates for its users, which it bills as "one entirely new app. One hugely improved feature. One major app redesign". 

In a blog post the company revealed that it will launch a mobile app for scanning called Scannable. Scannable will make small items like business cards and receipts "actionable and sharable", and also controls the ScanSnap Evernote Edition desktop scanner, allowing others on a user's network to scan. This in effect turns the desktop scanner into an office scanner.

The improved presentation mode feature for the main Evernote app eliminates the need for slides by sharing the mobile device screen on a PC. The company said it would introduce features that allow users to control how a slide might appear on the larger screen. 

The Penultimate handwriting app for iPad will be redesigned for a more "lifelike" writing experience. The connection between Penultimate and the Adonit Jot Script Stylus will be enhanced.

*Images from the Evernote blog.