8 October 2014

Evernote introduces new items in the Pfeiffer Collection of desktop accessories

Evernote has announced new items in the Pfeiffer Collection, a family of modern desktop accessories created in partnership with product designer Eric Pfeiffer.
The new bent plywood platforms are designed to securely elevate laptops, tablets, and monitors on desktops, with additional space for storage.
Source: Evernote blog.
The new products are:

  • Laptop platform - formed of walnut bent ply, this stand holds 13” or 15” laptops steady. Small items can fit in the curved front trough and slot cables through the back.
  • Tablet platform - this walnut bent ply platform offers a stable resting place for viewing and working with your tablet.
  • Monitor platform - a bigger platform to hold a computer monitor steady. A handy curved front tray fits mobile devices and a rear cable channel is meant for cords.
International distribution of the new products is planned soon.