16 October 2014

Imperial Hotel, Japan eyes Southeast Asian arrivals

Source: Imperial Hotel website.

Japan's venerable Imperial Hotel has opened of its first full-service sales office in Southeast Asian to reinforce marketing efforts for the ASEAN region. Imperial Hotel, Ltd. operates the world famous Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, founded in 1890, the new riverside Imperial Hotel, Osaka, as well as several smaller second tier brand hotels and a 75-room mountain resort in the Japan Alps. 

Acknowledging that visa requirements for Japan have been relaxed in many countries in Southeast Asia, the Imperial's Singapore office, headed by Tokyo's former Asian Market General Manager Shohei Sekido, will focus on affluent individual travelers and a broad corporate market, including sales around conferences, seminars, regional government assemblies and incentive travel to Japan. 

Foreign arrivals have increased from North America and Asia and make up 40% of the flagship Imperial's market against the backdrop of a continuously depreciating yen. With accommodations for visitors from Asia now on the rise, The Imperial Hotel in the capital and The Imperial Hotel in Osaka are jointly targeting an increase of 40% in such revenue by 2020, compared with 2013.

Imperial Hotel also has sales offices in New York and a general sales agent in Taiwan. Sales aimed at mainland China, South Korea and Taiwan are directed from Tokyo headquarters.