16 October 2014

New Mercedes-Benz Style collection is matte, light, and dynamic

Mercedes-Benz Style has relaunched its brand together with the introduction of its latest eyewear collection, hosted by Sin Kwang Optical, the official and sole distributor of the eyewear in Singapore and Malaysia.

In the past, Mercedes-Benz eyewear used the iconic automobile logo as the main motif. The re-launched Mercedes-Benz Style Eyewear Collection by Mercedes-Benz Style distills the essence of the brand down to design fundamentals without the need for the logo.

The re-launch collection features a combination of matte surfaces, ultra light materials, interesting colours and patterns, and a patented ‘double-action spring hinge’. The new eyewear make a dynamic statement, provide a more comfortable wearing experience, and are designed for durability.

The new Mercedes-Benz Style Eyewear Collection is developed and designed by Rodenstock together with Mercedes-Benz designers, and has 24 models today, including the MBS 6034 frame which received a Red Dot Award for Product Design this year.

The MBS 6034 frame is crafted out of extremely light stainless steel and robust high-performance polyamide, and held together without screws. This modern frame trumped over 1,800 manufacturers from 53 nations, and approximately 4,800 product designs, to win the Red Dot for High Design Quality Award.

The new eyewear collection is available exclusively in Singapore at Jossino Optics, Manchester Optical, Optique Zone, Pearl’s Optical, Pearl’s Vision Care, Tomorrow Optics, Wiseland Contact Lens & Optical, and Vision Image Optical.

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