4 November 2014

Tracking global travel trends with Euromonitor

Source: Euromonitor website.
Euromonitor International has released the World Travel Market Global Trends Report 2014, which has predicted future travel trends for the past nine years.

Key trends are for Asia Pacific and the Middle East are:

The Middle East is changing perceptions about the region through design tourism, which promotes design in tourism. The trend is helping to revitalise visitor arrivals and attract creative minds.

Messaging apps are becoming e-commerce platforms in China. WeChat, the second largest global messaging service after WhatsApp, has emerged as a viable sales channel for Chinese travel companies with customer service, bookings and payments.

Online and mobile bookings for India's rail network represent a strong driver for travel and tourism, and are recognised by the new government as a vital component for the country’s overall growth.

In 2013, Euromonitor identified trends such as:

The mobile concierge: travel companies are increasingly using mobile channels to satisfy customers’ needs before, during and after the trip. 

Luxury low-cost carriers (LCCs): Middle Eastern consumers love for luxury has led to LCCs introducing business class-style services.

Business microstays: Hotels are targeting business travellers for stays of 24 hours. 

Download the 2014 report here.