6 January 2015

Lexus introduces NX luxury crossover with video spots

Source: Lexus. The Lexus NX.

Lexus has introduced a luxury crossover, the Lexus NX, with a campaign that illustrates how the 2015 NX goes beyond the capabilities of a typical SUV to offer urban consumers a stylish vehicle that fits their active lifestyles. 

“Lexus is entering a new segment with our first-ever entry luxury crossover. The NX is a dynamic vehicle that blends high-end design with utility,” said Brian Smith, Lexus' VP of marketing. “This marketing campaign creatively demonstrates that this vehicle–which offers a chiseled, angular body design with an aggressive turbo-charged engine–is fun to drive and ready for any adventure.”

At least two of the video spots from the campaign are available for viewing at youtube.com/LexusVehicles, and the #LexusNX hashtag can be used on social media. In “What You Get Out of It,” a group of high-fashion urbanites showcase the vehicle that complements their lives. 

Moving” continues the first spot’s story with the same group of friends and the question "any SUV can move something, but can it move you?". Key vehicle specifications, including the Qi wireless device charger and next-generation Remote Touchpad, are highlighted.