6 February 2015

Strangers' Reunion cafe updates menu

Source: Strangers' Reunion. Ocean Trout on Hash.

Looking for a new lunch venue? Consider Strangers’ Reunion, a cafe in Kampong Bahru, Singapore, which recently tweaked its menu. World Gourmet Summit-certified chef Daniel Chin has designed dishes with at least five different elements to pique appetites. 

The cafe is famous for its coffee, which is sourced and curated by three-time Singapore Barista Champion and Co-founder Ryan Tan. The most popular coffee, Magic (S$5.50), is a double ristretto with milk. Known as the shot for purist baristas, a ristretto is the first 20 seconds/20 milliliters of an
espresso shot. It has a lot more aroma and sweetness than the rest of the shot, cutting away the caffeine and bitterness that comes towards the end.

Starters include the Wild Mushroom Veloute (S$9.90), topped with shimeiji mushrooms and togarashi croutons and a drizzle of truffle oil, and the Tuna Tataki Niçoise Salad (S$15.90), tossed with fresh cherry tomatoes, pickled white onions, pea sprouts, wasabi dressing made in-house, and a poached egg.

Strangers’ Reunion also offers All-Day breakfasts, including the new Ocean Trout on Hash (S$21.90) with petit salad and a poached egg. The potato hash and trout is complemented with savoury bagna cauda, a traditional Italian sauce made from anchovies, garlic and cream. 

The recently-introduced Breakfast Steak (S$23.90) offers a steak accompanied by braised chick peas, apple fritters, petit salad and a sunny-side up. 

Beetroot Corn Fritters (S$17.90) is another recent addition, bringing a blend of arugula, beetroot, corn, tomato relish, za’atar spiced poached pear, and a poached egg to the breakfast experience. 

Chin crafted the hazelnut béarnaise for the House Smoked Salmon Benedict (S$18.90), which includes feta cheese, walnut crumble, petit salad and sultana bread. 

Source: Strangers' Reunion. House Smoked Salmon Benedict.

Source: Strangers' Reunion. Banana Brûlée Buttermilk Waffles with Walnut Crunch from the affiliated Waffle Slayer waffles and coffee bar.

Another house special is the Strangers’ Reunion Buttermilk Waffles (S$12.90), which is just crisp enough on the outside. These are topped with fresh fruits and the diner's choice of vanilla bean ice cream or Greek yogurt. 

What's new though are the Berry Ricotta Hotcake (S$18.90), featuring a fluffy hotcake with fresh berries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and vanilla bean ice cream, and the Chocolate Panna Cotta (S$16.90), drizzled with homemade berry compote, walnut-infused gold dust, salted caramel and the perfect touch of dark chocolate sables.

For more options, visit Waffle Slayer, Strangers’ Reunion’s sister cafe. The dedicated waffle and specialty coffee bar offers both sweet and savoury waffles including one made with squid ink. The Banana Brûlée Buttermilk Waffle with Walnut Crunch comes recommended.

Strangers at Work in the CBD area is another sister cafe.