5 February 2015

TINKR marries fashion, design and 3D printing technology

Singapore-based TINKR has shifted from providing 3D printing services to combining fashion, design and technology in ways that are ideal as one-of-a-kind corporate gifts.

"Marrying craftsmanship and technology has always been our deep rooted passion and belief, and we can't wait to share with you beautiful prints designed locally and around the region. Over the next few months, we will be collaborating with artisans and designers to bring you the finest and the freshest prints, uniquely created with a signature influence," say Founders Xiaohui and Freda in an eDM.

The two have taken six months to develop The Pocket Square and The Calligraphy Pendant. The 3D printed Pocket Squares fit in the pocket of a blazer and come in the Peak Cut, Classic Cut and the Unstructured Cut variations. These are available on TINKR's website in white nylon (S$40), wood (S$42) and gold-plated steel (S$99).

The Calligraphy Pendant is TINKR's first collaboration with calligrapher Clarence Wee of Craft Varies. Various ready-to-wear phrases are available in white nylon (S$28) and gold polished brass (S$78). A chain is included in the price.

*Images from TINKR eDM.