2 March 2015

Aon Hewitt shares 2015 Best Employers for Singapore and region

Source: Best Employers website.

Aon Hewitt, the global talent, retirement and health solutions business of Aon, announced its list of the Best Employers - Singapore 2015 on February 27th

Aon Hewitt’s Best Employers study was first conducted in Asia in 2001 and is the most comprehensive study* of its kind in Asia Pacific todayBeing recognised as an Aon Hewitt Best Employer means that: 

1. The organisation inspires strong commitment and superior performance from its people;

2. It drives business results through effective people practices; and, 

3. It manages its business in ways that build long-term success and sustainability.

“Best Employers clearly achieve better business results compared to market. We found that Best Employers in Singapore achieve significant higher growth in their income profits when compared to market average, said Jeremy Andrulis, Chief Executive Officer, Southeast Asia, for Aon Hewitt Consulting and Managing Director of its Singapore operations. “This makes becoming a Best Employer a business agenda and not just an HR agenda.”

The following organisations were recognised as Best Employers in Singapore:

Aon Hewitt Best Employer – Singapore 2015 Awards
Company Name
Best of the Best
McDonald’s Restaurants 
Best Employer Singapore 2015
American Express International
Best Employer Singapore 2015
Bain & Company SE Asia
Best Employer Singapore 2015
Hongkong Land
Best Employer Singapore 2015
Hilti Far East
Best Employer Singapore 2015
Microsoft Singapore
Best Employer Singapore 2015
Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Best Employer – Commitment to Engagement Singapore 2015
Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific
Best Employer – Generation Y Singapore 2015
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
Best Employer – Hotels Singapore 2015
The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
Best Employer - Small and Medium Enterprise Singapore 2015
Goodrich Global

Alexis Saussinan, Head of Performance &Talent Management with Aon Hewitt in Singapore highlighted the introduction of a new category for Small and Medium Enterprises this year. 

"One of the key objectives of the Best Employers 2015 programme is to explore and cater to new workforce trends. Selected SMEs in Singapore are able to leverage their talent to deliver better business results. Furthermore, SMEs have been trying to benchmark themselves with Best Employers in their industry category. With this in view, Aon Hewitt decided to include a new category to recognise Best Employers in SME,” he explained.

The following organisations received three or more Best Employers awards in the region this year and are recognised as Regional Best Employers in Asia Pacific 2015: 

Aon Hewitt Regional Best Employer – Asia Pacific 2015 Awards
Company Name
Regional Best Employer Asia Pacific 2015
McDonald’s Asia Pacific
Regional Best Employer Asia Pacific 2015
Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific

The major trends that emerged this year included:

Business and People Challenges

§ CEOs see People Issues as their top business challenge (58%) followed closely by Organizational Efficiency (52%). 

§ Best Employers achieve 29% higher income profits than market average. 

§ Best Employers have 25% lower attrition. 

§ Best Employers filled 42% more openings internally compared to the market. 

Employee Engagement

§ Best Employers' engagement scores (80%) are significantly higher than market average (59%). 

§ The Gen Y** engagement score is the lowest of all age categories at 57% (although for Best Employers, their engagement scores are distinctly higher at 76%). 

Compelling Employer Brand

§ 58% of organisations have a clearly defined employer brand. However, only 15% of CEOs and HR are aligned on its nature. 

§ Learning and Careers is the most prevalent employee value proposition theme for Singapore organisations, with 48% of organisations listing it as one of their top three drivers. 

§ 78% of employees at Best Employers believe their organization delivers on promises, compared to only 56% of employees at participating organisations. 

Saussinan highlighted: “There is a significant gap between 78% employees at Best Employers believing their organisation delivers on promises compared to only 56% of employees at participating organisations. Best Employers clearly walk the talk and fulfill their commitment. This goes to reinforce the value of their employer brand when it comes to attracting and engaging the best performing talent.” 

Effective Leadership

§ 67% Best Employers train their managers on career conversations, compared to 29% participant average. 

§ 79% of employees at Best Employers believe that senior leadership treat them as the organisation’s most valued asset, compared to only 58% of employees at participating organisations. 

§ 100% Best Employers integrate their high potential programme to talent management processes compared to 60% participant organisations. 

High Performance Culture

§ 78% Best Employers include the engagement scores of teams in their people manager performance ratings, compared to 52% participants. 

§ Only 53% of employees feel they receive appropriate recognition (beyond pay and benefits) for their contribution, compared to 72% at Best Employers. 

§ Only 29% of organisations provide coaching to their managers on how to provide career advice to their teams, compared to 67% at Best Employers. 

While the Best Employers study recognises organsations that display standards of excellence, Aon Hewitt encourages all organisations to participate.

"For organisations that don’t make it to the Best Employers list, but are aspiring to become Best Employers, we want to reinforce that this is a journey. Becoming a Best Employer doesn’t happen overnight, said Gitansh Malik, Aon Hewitt Best Employers Singapore Project Manager. “It is possible for everyone to become a Best Employer, if you’ve articulated the destination you want to head to and have planned your journey wisely.”

Participation in the programme brings a wide range of benefits for organisations, such as finding out how employees perceive and rate their employer, the reasons why they are attracted to certain employer brands, and the type of organisational culture they value sufficiently to “stay and strive”. The study also provides a benchmark against company competitors in the market. Participating organisations gain access to Aon Hewitt’s latest market research insights, along with the best and most innovative people practices of Best Employers.

Click here to find out more about the Aon Hewitt Best Employers Asia 2015 Study. 

*The programme provides insights into companies that are creating real competitive advantage through their people, to explore what makes a workplace of choice and to identify the Best Employers in the region, covering 12 markets: mainland China, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. The study’s research methodology involves a rigorous process, conducted over a nine-month period that culminates in a solid, credible list of Best Employers. 

**Gen Y employees are defined as those born between 1979-1990.