12 May 2015

Google likes mobile optimised sites. What are you doing about it?

World Markets Korea, an online marketing company based in Seoul, Korea, has listed some of the criteria that Google now looks at in determining mobile-friendly sites.
The criteria include text size, the amount of space between links and whether the content fits across a mobile screen. After reviewing these areas Google will then decide if your site is 'Mobile Friendly', the company said.

Businesses should get their web designers to update their sites accordingly. World Markets Korea also offers mobile optimisation services.

As of April 21 2015 Google gives preference to what it refers to as 'Mobile Friendly' sites when ranking a website in its searches. The move reflects a growing interest in using mobile devices to surf the Internet. As far back as the first quarter of 2014 Ofcom Research had already noted that smartphones and tablets account for 52% of users surfing the internet. 

According to Statcounter, Asia has seen an increase from 27.1% in June 2013 to 41.3% in June 2014 in proportion of Internet access from mobile devices, a year on year increase of 52.3%. In Oceania the increase is from 21.7% in June 2013 to 29% in June 2014, a year on year increase of 33.6%. 

Want to know more?
Businesses can check compliance with Google's criteria on Google's 'Mobile Friendly' test page