31 May 2015

Multilingual Veggoagogo app helps vegetarians order when travelling

Source: Veggoagogo page
on the Play Store.
Helsinki-based Agogo Apps has launched Veggoagogo, a 50-language travel translation app for vegetarians that is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. The app is the first of a number of travel translation apps designed to use the same application architecture, Agogo Apps said.

Besides defining what a vegetarian is, Veggoagogo addresses many of the needs that the travelling vegetarian faces on a daily basis, from locating a restaurant that serves vegetarian fare, to choosing suitable items from the menu, down to thanking the chef, waiter, concierge, market-stall holder or friendly local.

The app can be used without Internet connectivity. The user chooses a question from a list, then selects from one of 50 languages available before tapping the translate button and being presented with their translation. The translation screen text has been optimised to be displayed at distance. It can be flicked between night and day modes for ease of reading in all lighting conditions.

Source: Veggoagogo page on the Play Store. Explaining what a vegetarian does not eat, and asking for dishes which have no meat, in Spanish.

Illustrator Cat MacInnnes created a range of animal icons that add to the usability of the app. Users can tap the animal icons atop the translation screen and be presented with full screen versions which can be swiped and used as a visual backup to the translated message. 

Said Paul Dodson, founder of Agogo Apps: "Often when travelling abroad it's hard to get across exactly what a vegetarian will and will not eat. In many countries it's a loosely defined concept where vegetarian dishes may still include fish or seafood. With Veggoagogo we aimed to do two things: one, to define very clearly what a vegetarian won't eat and two, to offer a range of questions that travelling vegetarians face on a daily basis. In version 1 of Veggoagogo, we do this in 50 languages.

"Veggoagogo has been designed with simplicity and usability in mind. The interface is uncluttered and hopefully, aesthetically pleasing. All of our translations have been professionally completed by native language speakers."

Veganagogo, a vegan version of the app is due on the market in June 2015.


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