6 June 2015

GMC gets on Instagram to show PanoGrams and #GMCprecision

Source: GMC.
GMC has introduced #GMCprecision, a new hashtag to go with its Instagram-based panoramic photography campaign.

The month-long campaign, launched in the US on May 22, illustrates the attention to detail in its vehicles. GMC is one of the first automotive brands to create “PanoGrams” via the Instagram Carousel format that debuted earlier this year. It allows consumers to swipe through a series of photos in a single ad, similar to the way a traditional magazine publishes a multi-page spread of a single image. PanoGrams showcase a series of photos within the carousel that stitch into one panoramic image, with an added link to GMC's website for additional information.

Instagram/Facebook’s Creative Shop team worked closely with GMC to identify, select and photograph the #GMCprecision venues. They include a wind farm – viewed from a GMC Sierra Denali pickup and made to look infinite because of how the photographer captured the towering turbines against clouds and filtered sunlight – and a private residence in southern California. The GMC Yukon Denali and Terrain Denali are featured in the architecture treatment.

“We chose Instagram because of its successful track record of creating communities of discerning photography enthusiasts who can rally around a brand,” said Duncan Aldred, US VP, GMC. “Highlighting the precision of our vehicles within the context of beautiful photography helps us connect with consumers who embrace precision in all aspects of their lives.”

GMC will integrate its PanoGrams and companion content into the brand’s other digital media channels, such as Facebook.

“GMC’s PanoGrams are an incredibly creative and beautiful use of Instagram’s Carousel format,” said Michelle Morris, Group Director, Auto, Facebook & Instagram. “Instagram is all about capturing striking moments, and combining the interiors of their new Sierra with breathtaking exteriors is an excellent way to call attention to GMC’s great vehicles.”

The #GMCprecision social play is part of GMC’s Precision campaign, which launched in the US with television ads in March. GMC said that through May 31, GMC sales have been up 15% year over year as more customers shift to trucks, crossovers and SUVs. This uptake is partially attributed to the campaign.