6 June 2015

Flynas fights MERS, ebola with Virus Guard

Flynas, a low-cost airline from Saudi Arabia, has added Virus Guard disinfectant wet wipes and sprays to its in-flight hygiene programme.

In a region where MERS cases are on the rapid rise, and with over 1,000 cases reported to date, Flynas says it is determined to protect passengers and crew from viruses.

Flynas spokesperson Mrs Eman Yusuf, In-flight Services and On-board Product Manager, said: "Flynas will use the special wet wipes and sprays to disinfect all surface areas on board the aircraft such as galleys, ovens, lavatories, lavatory door handles, passenger tray tables, overhead bins, window blinds, seat pockets, armrests and so on. We make passenger safety and comfort a top priority and using Virus Guard will reassure them we are doing all we can to combat cross contamination."

"Typically, aircraft surfaces used or touched by passengers are rarely or never disinfected, but because our product is simple to use and extremely effective for up to 10 days, we're confident it can help to eliminate the risk of cross contamination," said Alex Sahni, a spokesperson for Virus Guard.