10 June 2015

Instant coffees gain traction

The reputation of instant coffee has improved among consumers, especially youth, as it is less expensive and easy to prepare, boosting the outlook for instant coffee globally, says research firm Technavio. The company has published a new report on the global instant coffee market.

The number of coffee drinkers has increased, as has the acceptance of café culture globally, prompting coffee producers to introduce new varieties in the market, Technavio adds. Price fluctuations for green coffee beans add an element of volatility however.

“The growing trend of having coffee during casual social conversations, particularly in developing economies where the young population is high, is bolstering the market for coffee vendors globally,” says Faisal Ghaus, Vice President of Technavio.

“With the rise in coffee drinkers spurred by the increase in number of visitors to coffee shops and cafés, the potential customer base for instant coffee has expanded.”