28 August 2015

China's Zhaopin adds chat function to Highpin recruitment site

Source: Highpin.cn website.

Zhaopin, a career platform in China, has launched Highpin Chat, a PC-based real-time text chat for its high-end recruitment platform Highpin.cn.

Highpin Chat is expected to increase the efficiency of recruitment on Highpin.cn. Headhunters and employers will be able to directly communicate with job seekers through the new chat function, allowing them to effectively evaluate job applicants and efficiently recommend suitable positions to job seekers. Job seekers will also be able to inquire directly with headhunters and employers about certain positions and track the progress of their job applications in real-time.

"Highpin.cn is an important part of our strategy to build the leading career development platform that caters to the needs of job seekers throughout their entire career lifecycle," commented Evan Guo, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Zhaopin. 

"Highpin Chat will increase interactions among job seekers, headhunters and employers. Highpin's chat functionality is highly complementary to the Highpin.cn platform which facilities all the stages required in the recruitment process as it enables recruiters to send job invitations to job seekers, allows job seekers to accept or reject the invitations, holds real-time communication and more importantly, allows recruiters and job seekers to post reviews on each other upon completion of the recruitment process."

Zhaopin has over 100.8 million registered users. In the fiscal year ended June 30, 2015, approximately 25.6 million job postings* were placed on Zhaopin's platform by 418,423 unique customers including multinational corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and state-owned entities.

*Zhaopin calculates the number of job postings by counting the number of newly placed job postings during each respective period. Job postings that were placed prior to a specified period - even if available during such period - are not counted as job postings for such period. Any particular job posting placed on the Company's website may include more than one job opening or position.