14 August 2015

Singtel introduces hi!India plans in partnership with Airtel

Singtel has launched a partnership in Singapore with Airtel that enables Singtel prepaid mobile customers with smartphones to make high-quality calls to India via the Airtel Talk app.

Previously only accessible to credit card holders, Airtel Talk can now be utilised by Singtel prepaid mobile customers who purchase hi!India plans with their prepaid credits. Carried via normal IDD lines, Airtel Talk calls offer superior call quality.

Hi!India plans charge from S$5 for 100 minutes (S$0.05/min) to S$12 for 300 minutes (S$0.04/min). No extra costs are involved. All data charges are waived for customers connecting to Airtel Talk on a 3G or 4G connection.

“We are happy to team up with our regional mobile associate, Airtel, to develop hi!India Plans exclusive to Singtel prepaid mobile customers. There is a large population of migrant workers in Singapore and many of them come from India. We are excited to bring them greater value and new ways to stay connected with their loved ones. At such low rates, they can now call home more regularly,” said Singtel’s Consumer Singapore VP, Retail & Channel Sales Diana Chen.

Ajay Chitkara, Director & CEO, Global Voice & Data Business, Bharti Airtel said, “Our Airtel Talk app enables users to make convenient and affordable voice calls to landline or mobile numbers to India and across the world. With this partnership, we have eliminated the hassle associated with calling cards and credit card requirements for Singtel prepaid mobile customers. We aim to empower the Indian and other diaspora community residing in Singapore to easily stay in touch with friends and family back in their home country at low prices.”

Talk time
100 minutes
30 days
200 minutes
30 days
300 minutes
30 days