14 August 2015

Yahoo launches Livetext in Singapore

Source: Yahoo.
Yahoo has announced the global rollout of Livetext, a messaging app that combines texting and video. 

According to Yahoo, texting is quick and easy, but the meaning of a message can be missed, and texters have to wait before they get a response. A live voice conversation, however, requires a relatively quiet environment. Video and text is the answer, the company says. "With the video on, you can not only share a text with your friend, but also see their expression real time, and without having to take an audio call," the company noted in a statement. 

Editor's note: Questions to ask include whether it would be easy to type when the phone is held at the right angle for a flattering video image; the amount of mobile data required to conduct a meaningful conversation; and whether not having audio would actually detract from the video experience. Feedback is welcome!


Download Yahoo Livetext from the App Store or Google Play Store