25 September 2015

Pixelglow Software updates Instaviz, launches free lite version

Source: iTunes.
Instaviz 2.1 screen.
Pixelglow Software today launched Instaviz 2.1 to support Apple's iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and the iOS 9 update. The intelligent diagram sketcher now works with iPad multitasking in both Slide Over and Split View modes, allowing users to run another app at the same time. The developer also launched Instaviz Lite, a free app that showcases the core sketching features of Instaviz.

"Our customers absolutely love our rebuilt Instaviz 2, giving us 75% 5-star reviews since our relaunch in June," says developer Glen Low, winner of two Apple Design Awards. "With the new free Instaviz Lite, even more users will see how easy it really is, turning doodles into diagrams."

Instaviz users create formal diagrams by beginning with rough sketches of shapes, typing in some text, then linking the shapes together. Instaviz and Instaviz Lite neaten and rearrange them as the users work. With the paid app, the users can refine their ideas with different fonts, colours, styles and shapes. The diagrams can be shared on the paid app in different formats and through different channels, including email, message, print, AirDrop, and a number of popular social networks such as Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Twitter or WhatsApp.

"This is the best simple visual thinking, simple diagramming or back-of-the-napkin thinking app available for the iPhone and iPad," said Dr George Huba, a prominent mind-mapping and healthcare advocate. "And, unlike the napkin you draw on at lunch, diagrams from the program can look good enough to use in books and professional journals without further enhancements. And unlike those napkins, the diagrams from Instaviz come without ink smears, coffee cup rings, and grease stains from errant French fries, freedom fries, chips, British fish and chips, sweet potato fries, tempura, or pizza!"

Instaviz is built on two key technologies: Recog and Graphviz. Recog is a new shape recognition library. Trained on over 2,500 sketches drawn by real users, Recog uses advanced fuzzy logic and sophisticated geometric algorithms to recognize sketches in a split second. Graphviz is an automated graph layout engine. The industry standard for automated graph layout, Graphviz represents over 20 years of AT&T information visualisation research.


Download the PC/Mac companion app, Instavue (Instaviz app on a mobile device required)