14 September 2015

Tea Forté Singapore offers three mooncake collections under Autumn in Abundance family

Source: Tea Forté.

Tea Forté Singapore has launched the Autumn in Abundance family of mooncakes, which includes low-sugar traditional baked mooncakes, the Creative Infused collection as well as an exclusive Luxury family.

The company, a tea specialist, recommends that the traditional mooncakes be paired with its organic white ginger pear tea, and the Creative Infused collection accompanied by the organic green mango peach tea. The Luxurious family is best enjoyed with its orchid vanilla tea, Tea Forté said.

The traditional baked mooncakes come in White Lotus Paste with Melon Seed, as well as lotus paste and melon seed fillings with single or double yolks. The Golden Jade Paste with Melon Seed mooncake is pandan flavoured, while the Seed of Harmony (assorted nuts) version is a best seller.

The Creative Infused collection has a Green Tea with Melon Seed flavour, as well as Mango with Melon Seed, Durian with Melon Seed and Tiramisu with Melon Seed.

The Luxurious collection is more unusual, with charcoal skinned Precious Delight (pandan with single yolk), Grand Ruby, which has a red yeast skin and a filling made of white lotus paste and black sesame, and Seed of Prosperity - golden jade skin with pandan paste, custard and a single yolk. Golden Pearl makes up a fourth - mandarin orange skin, with infused paste, milk and butter.

Tea Forté has also designed the mooncake boxes as collectibles. Each box can be repurposed as a table lamp.


Look for the mooncakes, paired with recommended teas, at Takashimaya Square, Tangs at Tang Plaza, Tangs at Vivocity and Tangs at Nex Atrium till 27 September. Call +65 6742 0635 / 36 with questions.

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