30 October 2015

Facebook launches easy-to-use, lightweight video ad format

More than a third of mobile Internet users in Saudi Arabia are respomsive to video ads compared to a world average of 22%.

Facebook is launching slideshow, a new lightweight type of video ad which is easy for advertisers to use, to help reach more people, on more devices at more connection speeds.

A recent report suggests that in countries like the Philippines where connectivity can be slow, expensive or both and where feature phones are prevalent, people are even more receptive to video ads*, Facebook notes in a blog post announcing slideshow.

Slideshow is both a video creation tool and a new ad format made from a series of still images which helps advertisers tell brand stories in emerging and high-growth countries. Slideshow can also be used by small businesses which do not have the resources to create videos.

Businesses can use their own images or simply pull stock imagery from Facebook's library, and the smaller file size helps advertisers reach more people regardless of device or connection. According to Facebook, a 15-second slideshow can be up to 5x smaller than a video of the same length.


Read Facebook's blog post and view the associated video

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*Millward Brown Ad Reaction, October 2015