1 November 2015

You may soon be able to enjoy KonaRed at a store near you

KonaRed, a pioneer of the coffee fruit category and manufacturers of antioxidant juices and nutritional supplements* from the Hawaiian CoffeeBerry coffee fruit from Kona, Hawaii in the US, has provided an update on its international expansion.

Since entering Asia in July 2015, KonaRed products have hit the shelves of Japanese retailers such as Aeon Retail, Kinokuniya and Natural Lawson Stores. KonaRed has just added another 70 stores with Aeon Stores in Japan and continues to grow with Lawson, Japan's second largest convenience store chain.

KonaRed has also shipped its first order to South Korea and has more expansion planned in this region in the near future.

KonaRed's President and COO Kyle Redfield commented, "We are focused on making strong progress in our international efforts and creating brand awareness and visibility on a global scale. Asia is a large priority for us at the moment. Our recent expansion successes not only add to our immediate top line but also build a strong platform for long-term growth."

KonaRed, through a licensing agreement with FutureCeuticals, produces and markets a range of products that showcase the Hawaiian Coffee Fruit, including antioxidant-rich extracts and powders from the Hawaiian Coffee Fruit, which are used to produce KonaRed's ready to drink antioxidant juice, green tea, coconut water, on-the-go packs and 100% Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Powders. The company is also launching a line of 100% Kona Coffee products that will include the coffee fruit as well. 

*KonaRed products are sold online. The company will ship to Australia and New Zealand.